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Inncom Energy Management Solution

Dec 29, 2013

Inncom was purchased by Honeywell in 2012. The integration of these two great companies has helped the integration of both in-room with outside the room controls.  

Inncom by Honeywell Energy Management Solutions - For details on our product line please contact us.

The Inncom Integrated Room Automation Solution (IRAS) provides many advantages to the hospitality industry including:

  • Reduction in operating expenses through energy savings
  • Increased guest comfort
  • Potential for network visibility to HVAC equipment and other aspects of hotel operations such as front desk, make-up-room visibility 
  • Scalability

Please contact us directly for further evaluation regarding how we can help you achieve improved guest experiences while maximizing your bottom dollars.



E528 Thermostat & Do Not Disturb/ Make up Room Devices

E528 ThermostatInntouch DND MUR

See attached Product Details.

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